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PhoenixBuilds minecraft

PhoenixBuilds minecraft

We are a design studio Phoenixbuilds uses Minecraft as a tool for education, marketing, and entertainment. Phoenixbuilds Also our team creates Minecraft maps for companies, organizations, and server-owners with a mission to inspire awe and joy within people.

Phoenixbuilds have all the bases covered. The best maps for minecraft java
Seeking out the best Minecraft maps? You are in the right place​.

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The Phoenix Minecraft Build Team

PhoenixBuilds is a group of talented architects, designers, and artists who work within the popular video game–Minecraft–to create custom worlds or “builds” for both private clients and the public. Our Minecraft builds range from recreations of real-life locations to completely fantasy worlds imagined and built by the builders and members of Phoenix. We strive to create builds that inspire awe and joy within people. Our builds are often used in Minecraft servers as sets for other mini-games within Minecraft. Considering many of our clients are server owners, we strive to produce projects with the highest possible quality for an affordable price.

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Our Minecraft Builts Store is for the people who are looking to get a high quality build instantly, without going through the process of getting one made.
In our builts store, you can simply view our catalog and purchase a build which you love the most!

Customer flexibility

Don't have money to buy a built?

At phoenixbuilds we care about our followers who do not yet have the budget to purchase a build from our online store, so we have created a discord where the entire discord community can join and enjoy some free maps made for everyone, and the best , WHITHOUT ADS!

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About US

PhoenixBuilds is a minecraft studio, made up of people from various parts of the world with different talents, we have a Map Makers service, Server Configuration, Graphic Designers, Video Editors, Web Creators, among other things. 

Our main mission is to inspire people to boost their creativity and exploit their skills to the fullest. Contact us for Contact us through our Hire Us page, or click the Contact Us button, below. We want to start construction on your masterpiece as soon as possible!


We have support for customers who purchase a map in our store, making the product they buy 100% compatible in their minecraft terminal


After checking out your download will become immediately available in your phoenixbuilds account!


We have SSL certification, where the information you provide us is secure and confidential when it is sent to this site

PhoenixBuilds, take a peek inside our wonder building world !

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We strive to deliver high quality content directly to your server at an affordable price. Unique builts are what makes your server stand out. We want to make sure your server has an environment that makes it stand out.

All builds on the Phoenix Pre-Built Store are available to download an instant after purchase.


This store sells Minecraft builds designed and built by the Phoenix Builds. While the team normally creates custom and exclusive commissioned builds for each buyer, if you are looking for a cheap build for a server or just to play on with your friends and you do not care so much about exclusivity, this is the store for you! 

Phoenix can be hired to build maps, spawns, hubs, and anything else you can possibly imagine. With an emphasis placed on gorgeous architecture, you can be sure of the highest quality, and absolutely unique design. If you are interested in contacting our team, please submit a message on our Contact page (


We want to start construction on your masterpiece as soon as possible!

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Do you want to sell your personal minecraft creations, but want to avoid going through endless and annoying discussions with customers? In that case PhoenixBuilds may just be the right thing for you!

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