Terms & FAQ

Security in our service

Terms and conditions

1) There is no refund of the service, if you pay this invoice, you are accepting all the terms and conditions, including this one.

2) When you purchase any build from our website (phoenixsoldier.net) or download a free resource, you agree to our Terms of Service. If you do not agree you will not be allowed to use our services.

3) You may not claim any work from our shop and free sction as your own. This includes claiming any artwork of our builds as your own (i.e. a renderimage).

4) You may not resell any non-exclusive builds from our shop, or redistribute them in any way.

5) If you buy resell rights, Resell rights only allow you to resell a product. They do not allow you to claim the work as your own, and you must still credit The PhoenixBuilds as the original creators.

6) You are not allowed to distribute free resources to other communities & stores & personal pages & leaked pages. (Only the owner has these permissions)

7) All products will be provided as a .schematic and world file inside of a .zip or .rar folder. If you have any issues with this format just contact us on discord server.

8) You can use free builds for personal use. You’re not allowed to sell it or use it on sell configs.

9) We have a strict no refund policy. Once a build has been purchased no refunds can be made. More information is in our refund policy. (httpphoenixsoldier.netreturnpolicy)

10) You understand that you must come to us if you have an issue before contacting any other party.

11) We offer information about the construction version in the title or in the construction information so it is your problem if you do not read this information in detail.

12) You understand that the images provided of the products are in-game pictures (some using shader packs to enhance the products), and some renders. When purchasing any of our products you agree that you are happy with the amount of images provided – and understand the build you are buying

13) The seller gives you the option to pay in two ways, the first is to pay 50% at the beginning and 50% at the end of the contract, or you can pay the entire map.

14) The client has the right to be updated with images of their digital product, so the final product that is sent is the one expected by the client.

Some questions of interest

The time to build the customer order may vary depending on the needs you have, usually the average number of customers who have been satisfied, have been served on average for 3 days. if the constructions are too large this may take longer


No, you cannot make the construction on a server other than the constructor, he map will be made on the local server of the constructor, since this server will be fully configured and optimized for constructions, it will also have its own plugins, for this reason it is impossible to build the map on a foreign server.


The answer is no, you can not download these maps for free because they are for customers who wish to buy, also you can not trust the map to be paid later.


Depending on the server, I can belong to the staff, with the simple condition that the constructions that are needed will be paid, in the same way over time a discount will be obtained by preferential customers


The answer is yes, it can make your order run faster.
There are usually many customers requesting orders, which leads to a queue of customers, the solution is to be a priority customer, this means paying an additional to your order, and also paying it in advance, in order to ensure a fixed turn after finishing the current order, no matter how many people are waiting, simply the builder will continue with your order.

Construction Time

The time for your order will be depending on your requests, this on an average is around 5 days

Security in your payment

We have fully certified automatic payments with SSL (SECURITY SOCKET LAYER) You can buy on this secure website

Customization /modification

Flexible modification to the client, because updates are sent during the contracting of the PHOENIXBUILDS service

payment methods

Different payment methods according to the country from which you communicate, we generally use Paypal